Stables & Yard

Our comprehensive top class equestrian facilities ensure that you and your horse can perform at your best – whatever the weather!

  • An indoor school recently resurfaced, allowing us to ride in all weathers. Even on the worst days of the last two winters we kept riding.  It has good lighting and schooling mirrors.
  • There is a seated viewing area for watching lessons and schooling sessions.
  • A fenced 20 x60 metre outdoor school with Martin Collins geltrack surface.
  • Show jumps are available
  • Two horse walkers, one with rubber surface.
  • A fenced lunge-ring.
  • 50 stables all with automatic drinkers and good lighting.
  • A wash box with cold & warm water and a rubber floor to prevent slipping.
  • A horse solarium with rubber floor and cross ties for use whilst tacking up or after using the wash-box in cold weather.
  •  Two preparation boxes with rubber flooring and cross ties – ideal for grooming, plaiting and clipping
  • A massage rug and magnetic coils.
  • A covered area for our farrier, who visits weekly.
  • For summer grazing, horses are enclosed in individual paddocks separated by wooden or electric fencing.
  • We are used to handling stallions and are happy to cater for stallions – including high fenced turn out paddocks
  • Two winter all weather turn out pens.
  • Staff and working pupils live on site for your peace of mind
  • Fantastic security- CCTV, multiple alarm systems, and your valuable items can be marked with Smartwater if required